There is so much space at Focus at Home for you to camp with your church and group


Camping is a great way to soak up the atmosphere at Focus at Home. You can either bring your own tent or hire one .


Unfortunately we won't be allowing any carvans, campervans or motorhomes on site.


At Focus at Home we will try and put you into a cluster of people you know when you’re camping. 

We want you to feel comfortable, relaxed and have your friends around you so you can enjoy Focus together. Focus at Home is a place where you can really build and deepen your friendships.

So when you sign up remember to let us know who's group you are in.


At Focus at Home there are several toilet blocks and fresh water points across the site that will all be clearly marked on the site map.

At the Focus at Home Town Centre we have our main marquee where you can charge your phone, eat, drink and hang out. We even have an area for your kids to play whilst you enjoy a cup of coffee.